Marc Bergevin gave a colossal update on Logan Mailloux

Published September 6, 2021 at 4:44 PM

Marc Bergevin held a press scrum this afternoon to discuss several hot topics, including Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Christian Dvorak. He also took the opportunity to talk about the Canadiens' most recent first round pick, Logan Mailloux.

Mailloux was recently suspended by the OHL due to his controversial actions in Sweden in November 2020. He will not be able to play with the London Knights before January 2022, according to Bergevin.

However, the right-handed defenseman will be able to train with the Ontario team while he serves his suspension. He will, at least, remain active during the time of his punishment.

This decision could be seen in a positive light, but for my part, this is not the case... Mailloux only played 19 games last season and will not play a competitive game until January 2022. This does not bode well. Why did the Tricolore take such a big risk to select such a controversial player who is not seen as an outstanding talent?

The Habs left a lot of talented players available for other teams, in order to take Mailloux. We're talking about Olen Zellweger, Daniil Chayka or even Francesco Pinelli, who were all selected after Logan Mailloux. Let's just say that this is starting to look very bad as a decision. How can a player develop properly without playing quality hockey? The Habs might as well have traded their first round pick or even moved up in the draft...
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