Rumors about Marc Bergevin are getting more and more intense

Published September 24, 2021 at 12:39

What is going on with the hot potato that Marc Bergevin is becoming? No matter what, the distraction with the Montreal Canadiens this year is him and the non-signing of a contract extension. The big-boss of the Montreal Canadiens doesn't seem to be worried with his future, but the people assigned to cover the Montreal Canadiens are scratching their heads more and more.

They must be having insomnia for Marc Bergevin...

We are all wondering if he has an offer on the table, if it makes him happy, if it is generous enough or if it suits Mr. Bergevin. Add to that the radio silence of Mr. Geoff Molson, who has no comment on the subject. Nebulous, you say?

In a text by Alexandre Pratt, via La Presse, we can see some relevant information about the future of the 56 year old man. After enumerating the colossal work done by "Berg" during the summer season, Pratt deposited this:

"So much so that by the end of August, Marc Bergevin still hadn't taken a vacation. Not exactly the profile of a passive GM in pre-retirement mode, or on his way out to the Los Angeles Kings (yes, that rumor is circulating)."

OKAY! So... Would Bergevin join Phillip Danault with the Kings? Is Luc Robitaille trying to bring him with him? Could he really replace Rob Blake as the general manager of the Kings? No idea! But this rumor seems to be going around more and more in the NHL.

In short, Bergevin is, in my eyes, one of the best general managers in the league, so his loss would be major for the Montreal Canadiens organization.
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