Fans are right to be concerned about Carey Price's status

Published September 24, 2021 at 10:21

Carey Price will not participate in the Montreal Canadiens training camp, but Dominique Ducharme's plan remains to give him a game before the start of the regular schedule. Do you really believe this? Will Price really be able to play on October 13th?

We can definitely doubt it because if we calculate the prognosis of his departure following his surgery, it brings us towards the end of October. On July 23, he went under the knife and there was talk of a 10 to 12 week rehabilitation. 12 weeks is October 23... So, let's hope it's more like 10 weeks, right?

That said, Jean-Charles Lajoie doubts the plan of the Habs and we can't say that he is in left field!

"I'll believe it when I see it. This is nothing to be reassured about for Canadiens fans. The defense isn't reassuring enough for the organization to do without Carey Price in front of the net. Jake Allen is a reliable second, but he's shown over the course of his career, that with all the workload on his shoulders, it becomes more difficult." - Lajoie

We know how crucial Carey Price's health is for the Montreal Canadiens... With a less reliable defense than last year and stricter rules on sherwood shots, it could be very difficult without a Carey Price at the top of his game. So, if he's not ready for a pre-seasongame, we might as well wait a few more days to avoid aggravating the situation and losing him for a long time.
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