Robin Lehner takes revenge back at the Golden Knights after being disrespected

Published April 24, 2022 at 12:30

We told you about it earlier this week, we witnessed a very special scene during the Vegas Golden Knights game, an event that is really out of the ordinary.

Golden Knights goalie Robin Lehner was chased out of the game by head coach Peter DeBoer when the game was 1-1.

You read that right, after allowing 1 goal on 13 shots, Lehner was taken out from the game. A humiliating moment for Vegas' number one goalie.

See DeBoer's explanation:

"Pete DeBoer said he gave Robin Lehner the start tonight "because we pay him to play important games like these." He said the decision to go with Logan Thompson after the first period was because he felt the team was rattled after the first goal Lehner allowed." - Jesse Granger, reporter covering the Golden Knights

Recall that DeBoer is the same guy who was denying Marc-Andre Fleury deserved starts, to make more room for Lehner. Also recall that DeBoer publicly criticized his number one goalie, in the media, earlier this week.

A big controversy ensued and we are starting to get the details.

After publicly announcing that Lehner's season was over (surgery), DeBoer turned around and said he still expected to see his goalie the next day at practice in uniform. (and on his team's bench at night)

Really strange.

Today we have more details:

"Elliotte Friedman on HNIC says Lehner was upset about being pulled after allowing 1 goal on 13 shots in the last game, as well as the criticism he faced (coming from his coach). Lehner told the Golden Knights that he was done and would undergo surgery to finish his season.

But now Vegas is trying to convince Lehner to rethink his decision and they hope he will be in the lineup tomorrow. Friedman also noted that Lehner has been battling an injury for some time. Something weird about Vegas and its goalies..."

So Lehner reportedly decided to stop fighting his injury and play hurt, and then decided to have surgery, after DeBoer's controversial decision to pull him from the game at 1-1.

Once again, we see how much respect Vegas has for its players... For the details:

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Robin Lehner takes revenge back at the Golden Knights after being disrespected

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