Worrying words about Carey Price and there's clearly something wrong

Published April 24, 2022 at 11:52

One of the things that is causing a lot of reaction today, in the wake of another Montreal Canadiens loss, is the performance and also, the overall demeanor of Carey Price.

For the past two games, the goaltender has shown worrying signs, according to many.

On Thursday night, former goalie and analyst Marc Denis raised concerns.

Same thing yesterday from Patrick Lalime, also a former NHL goalie. See what he had to say yesterday and the technical errors he pointed out:

"What worried me a little bit more about Price, and I saw him on a few occasions, he didn't look very comfortable in front of the net. [...] You see there's a little bit of discomfort in some of his moves. [...] It's not an obvious situation for Carey Price, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that he stays healthy and hope that he finds his bearings eventually. It's a matter of time, it's the process that's important." - Patrick Lalime

Stéphane Fiset added some:

"We see it, everything that happens on his right side. He is inclined to get up very quickly instead of, before, he was on his moves, he was on his knees. Now, instead of continuing to push, he is going to be inclined to get up and never with his right leg. Someone who is in pain as well, he will be inclined to keep the goals on his toes a little bit more. He is less stable. [...] It's certain that right now, he doesn't have confidence anywhere with his body. [...] There's a little something bothering him right now, and we're starting to see it." - Stéphane Fiset

In any case, let's really hope it's minor and doesn't affect his status or condition for next season.

Let's just hope, at this point, that it's not something too worrisome and that Carey will be able to regain his bearings, mobility and fluidity and as soon as possible.

To review what Marc Denis had to say:

"This is the first time since his return that I haven't necessarily seen fluidity in Price's movements on the most recent sequence... Look at when he tries to go to his right, to me it's not fluid, (it's not) like the talented goalie we know and are used to seeing. That was true for the whole sequence [...] not such an easy night for Price tonight, as a rule." - Marc Denis

Clearly, the RDS analyst has also identified something that seems to be wrong with #31, and we saw it again yesterday.

For the details:

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Worrying words about Carey Price and there's clearly something wrong

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