Robin Lehner did something really atypical during a party at Mark Stone's house...

Published September 24, 2021 at 7:27 PM

Robin Lehner is a fascinating and uncommon being in a general way. This one assumes himself amply as a person, he who never hides when he wants to say or do something.

Mark Stone, his captain with the Vegas Golden Knights, shared a rather comical anecdote about the goalie.

It happened at a party at Mark Stone's house. The winger said Lehner was a big fan of snakes, to set the table for his anecdote.

"Robin is really an interesting person. He loves animals. At one point, he dug into my back court to make holes for snakes. A week later, I discovered five snakes in my pool."

Stone, of course, took it all in stride, laughing and accepting his teammate for who he is. You can sense a tremendous amount of respect for his starting guard. Will he want to invite Lehner to one of his parties again? We'll see.

It's a pretty original story, you have to give him that.

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