Tyler Toffoli adjusted his game considerably

Published September 24, 2021 at 6:17 PM

Forward Tyler Toffoli had a dream season with the Montreal Canadiens last year. His goal scoring ability is incredible, hence his 28 goals in 52 games last year.

The winger is not only a scorer, he is a versatile player, capable of being used in all sorts of ways. However, like just about every player, Tyler Toffoli has an obvious flaw in his game. Let's face it, his skating stroke was not exceptional in the past, until now. Often, we could see Toffoli having trouble keeping up with Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki in the playoffs.

He has obviously corrected that this summer, as #73 has clearly shown signs of improvement in his skating. In a drill this morning at practice, he beat out Cole Caufield, who were both chasing the puck. Remember, Caufield has a fluid and explosive skating stroke and Toffoli was able to compete with the youngster.

Check out this sequence:

In addition to being a prolific scorer, Toffoli will have a little something extra in his game, a very enviable situation for the Montreal Canadiens. Don't be surprised if Toffoli has a great season with Suzuki and Caufield.
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