RUMOR: the verdict has officially just come down for Patrick Roy

Published November 18, 2023 at 3:10 PM

As we know, many hockey fans in Quebec would like to see Patrick Roy back behind the bench as a head coach in the NHL.

After winning the Memorial Cup with the Quebec Remparts last spring, some experts expected that casseau would make a return to the NHL, but at the time of writing these lines, no NHL team has yet reached out to the former star goalie of the CH and Avalanche.

In this regard, as reported by, Roy made a statement about what he expects this winter.

While he was in Toronto for the induction of his former agent Pierre Lacroix and his former teammate Pierre Turgeon into the Hall of Fame, RDS journalist Patrick Friolet asked him if he had recently received offers from NHL teams, and here is his reply:

«No, no, we're quiet. I plan to spend a good part of the winter in Florida. It's going to be a rather relaxing winter.»

There you have it. His verdict is quite clear.

This might disappoint some hockey fans who would have liked to see the former number 33 behind the bench of an NHL team.

Unless the situation in Ottawa changes, we won't see Roy in the nation's capital anytime soon.

Case to follow.

Credit: RDS
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RUMOR: the verdict has officially just come down for Patrick Roy

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