Potential Jeff Petry trade: Pierre LeBrun has new information

Published March 5, 2022 at 3:25 PM

We were talking about it earlier today, despite the arrival of Martin St-Louis and despite his better play, Jeff Petry still intends to leave Montreal and maintain his trade request. (a request he would have made to Marc Bergevin shortly before his dismissal)

At least, that's what insider Pierre Lebrun said Thursday night during the first intermission of the game between the Canadiens and the Flames. The insider, however, added that Petry will be difficult to trade by March 21, due to his contract which pays him 6.25 million a year, but that it is quite possible that Kent Hughes will trade him just before the start of the next season.

At that time, the majority of teams will have fewer salary constraints and it is quite possible that Petry's value will increase if he has a good end to the season with the Canadiens.

In the last few minutes, still on this subject, LeBrun added this:

«It's not about getting more for Petry in the summer as much as the summer providing a longer list of options with teams less under cap duress. Harder to make hockey deals before the deadline although that's not to say Petry can't be moved now. Just more likely in summer is all." - Pierre LeBrun

The very well informed LeBrun therefore wanted to clarify a few points. Yes Petry can be traded before the trade deadline, yes he can be traded in the next few days, but if he had to bet, he believes it will be more this summer.

It will then be much easier for the team that wants to acquire him, to accommodate its contract on its payroll.

More details will follow...

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