Possible turnaround and possible return to play for Carey Price: expert Martin Biron gives his opinion

Published August 23, 2022 at 9:59

Let's just say that the news is not very good for Carey Price. While a few weeks ago, Stephane Waite had said that he expected to see number 31 back in time for the start of the season, Kent Hughes announced that Price will have to miss more time and that his name will be placed on the Habs' long-term injury list.

Even though the team's GM was rather pessimistic about the possibility of seeing him again during the 2022-2023 season and many experts are wondering if Price has not already played his last career game in the NHL.

This is the case, among others, of former NHL goaltender Martin Biron, and as reported by Philippe Chênevert, of Habsolumentfan.com, the latter does not expect to see him play a game in a Habs uniform again.

At least that's what he said during his appearance on the 98.5 radio show "Les amateurs de sports".

"There are always little miracles on the medical side that can change things, but I don't think it's realistic to see Carey Price come back in 2023. We saw Mario Lemieux come back... We saw Guy Lafleur come back... You can see that after several seasons, but now, at 35, with knee problems like that... I played with Rick Dipietro one season. He had knee problems, he had surgeries and despite the fact that he always said he was coming back, he had to retire."

The comparison that Biron makes between Price's injury and that of Rick DiPietro is hardly reassuring for Canadiens fans, since the latter had ended his career at the age of only 32.

However, Biron believes there may be a chance, however small, that Price could one day return to the game, but he doesn't expect it to be in a Habs uniform.

Let's just say that in the near future, Habs fans will have to accept the fact that Carey Price's career is probably coming to an end.

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Possible turnaround and possible return to play for Carey Price: expert Martin Biron gives his opinion

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