Possible trade involving David Savard: the Sens are now being watched closely but Jean-Charles Lajoie believes it would be a mistake

Published November 12, 2022 at 8:01 PM

Reactions were mixed when David Savard signed with the CH in the summer of 2021. The defenseman's difficult 2021-2022 season opened the door for those opposed to the contract to complain about the $3.5M that the Quebecer is taking out of the payroll annually, and this until the end of the 2024-2025 season.

But who didn't have a bad season last year with the CH? Finishing 32nd overall in the league proves that all the players had failures, including David Savard. However, the latter has silenced the critics since the beginning of the current season. He proves his value and his necessity in the club.

In addition to being a big brother to his linemate, Kaiden Guhle, he excels on the ice by blocking shots, playing a great role on defense and being a great leader in the dressing room. His value is increasing day by day, even if we wonder if he has become an untouchable with the club?

The subject came up Thursday night on TVA Sports' Jean-Charles Lajoie show when he was in discussion with the colorful Tony Marinaro. Here's what they had to say:

"David Savard, he's a righty you don't touch that. For his value, for his leadership, because he endorses on the community and on the ice the jersey with fervor." - JiC

"You're going a bit far. I understand, you have his number and you text him from time to time. You called him an untouchable tonight, but he's not Larry Robinson! Stop it right there! Victor Hedman is an untouchable! Cale Makar, he's an untouchable!" - Tony Marinaro

True that Savard plays quite a role currently with the young CH defensemen. But at now 32 years old, the end of his career is closer than anything else. Wouldn't it be better to listen to the offers on him? It is certain that there will be some and it is up to Kent Hughes to put his price on it.

One team that could be interested in Savard is the Ottawa Senators. With a difficult start to the season and an ordinary defense, Pierre Dorion's club needs to get back on track, especially after suffering a 7th consecutive loss on Thursday night. Expectations are now high in the nation's capital and Dorion will have to make a move in order to not, already, put this season in the past.

Dorion was at the game on Wednesday night at the Bell Centre with two of his scouts. It was the second time in a few days that he watched the CH live, as he was also in Winnipeg during the last visit of the Montreal club.

Is Dorion interested in a defenseman from the club? It wouldn't be surprising when you consider that the Sens have quite an offense. It remains to be seen if he has his eye on David Savard or Joel Edmundson...

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Possible trade involving David Savard: the Sens are now being watched closely but Jean-Charles Lajoie believes it would be a mistake

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