Pierre Lebrun has news about a possible trade between the CH and the Stars involving Jeff Petry

Published June 9, 2022 at 4:46 PM

Among the files that should attract attention from the Habs during the summer, we should undoubtedly find that of defenseman Jeff Petry.

As we know, he asked Marc Bergevin for a trade last November, just before he was fired by the Habs.

Since the arrival of the new staff, the number 26 is still a member of the organization and despite an excellent end of season under Martin St-Louis, the plans of the American defenseman have not really changed and it is likely that he starts the next season under other skies.

However, as reported by Charles-Alexis Brisebois of Danslescoulisses.com, the dance partners to accompany Kent Hughes in a possible trade are not as numerous as he would have hoped. However, according to informant Pierre LeBrun, the chances of Petry being traded to the Dallas Stars are still there, but there would be one condition.

LeBrun reports that it will depend on what happens to defenseman John Klingberg, who will be an uncompensated free agent on July 13. Klingberg had shown interest in signing a new contract with the Stars, but according to LeBrun, the more time goes by, the slimmer the chances of the Swedish defenseman staying in Texas.

And that's when the team's general manager, Jim Nill, could call the Habs to inquire about the possibility of acquiring Petry (and Kent Hughes will have his ears wide open).

So it could really happen between now and the draft!

As we know, Kent Hughes had mentioned during the season that he would only trade his defenseman if he got what he wanted in return and it will be interesting to see if Petry's excellent finish to the season will increase his value in the eyes of other NHL GMs.

In conclusion, if we exclude the draft that will be presented at the Bell Centre in July, this file will certainly be one of the most interesting to follow for the Habs during the summer.

What would you ask for Jeff Petry?

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Pierre Lebrun has news about a possible trade between the CH and the Stars involving Jeff Petry

What would you ask for in exchange for Jeff Petry?

One or more picks17027.5 %
A good young prospect31150.3 %
Another veteran, but cheaper9114.7 %
Other467.4 %
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