Pierre LeBrun talks about Ben Chiarot

Published December 4, 2021 at 12:53

With the arrival of Jeff Gorton, in addition to the speech he gave on Friday morning, it is clear that the Montreal Canadiens will change their face in the coming weeks, days and/or months.

One of the most popular names in the CH for a potential trade is Ben Chiarot. Chiarot has great value because of his deal that ends this year. The defenseman has six points on the scoreboard, including five goals, good for the Habs' second leading scorer.

That said, according to the great Pierre LeBrun, who has spoken with a few teams with Stanley Cup aspirations, Chiarot is very high on their list. His reputation is also an attractive facet, as he is greatly appreciated by his teammates.

These teams will want to get the 30-year-old Chiarot out of the Montreal Canadiens well before March 1, according to LeBrun.

But what is Ben Chiarot worth? LeBrun made it clear that Gorton could get a first-round pick for his physical defenseman.
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