Here is THE specific reason why Patrick Roy must return to Montreal

Jeff Drouin
December 4, 2021  (11:46)

Patrick Roy's name has been in the news since Marc Bergevin was fired by Geoff Molson. The 33 is polarizing Quebec, many people see him coming back into the fold to hold the team's reins and get it back on track.

Honestly, for a long time I sided with the people who preferred someone other than Roy, that the current target structure did not fit with a Roy in the picture. But in hindsight, his return to the team, but behind the bench, would be a complete game changer for the CH portfolio.
I believe that Roy's place is behind the bench in order to be directly in the locker room to train soldiers lacking a bit (quite a bit) of character. He would be close to the action, close to the guys in order to guide them towards the process of bringing pride back to the locker room.
In addition to leading his guys, he would put on quite a show behind the bench, in front of the media and everywhere he would go. He would get people to come watch him behind the bench, which means more dollars in Geoff Molson's pocket.
He has had success as a coach with the Colorado Avalanche. He won a Jack Adams and made a show of himself, as this clip shows. An episode in which Roy gets into it with Corey Perry and Bruce Boudreau. Good stuff!

It's simple, to get people in the stands and in front of the TV, it takes a show. Then Roy is the best at putting on a show, a facet invisible with the current edition of the Montreal Canadiens.
Roy, as a coach, what do you say?
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