Pierre Dorion threatens Senators fans and the reactions are numerous!

Published May 2, 2022 at 9:36

Like most playoff teams, the Ottawa Senators had their season wrap-up meetings this weekend. During these meetings, the General Manager of the Ontario organization, Pierre Dorion, sent a message to the club's fans.

"We won't spend all of our money, up to the payroll limit, unless the fans fill the arena 100 percent every night for 41 games." - Pierre Dorion

This is a nice slap in the face to fans who have long wished they had a competitive team to cheer for.

Dorion, however, put some water in his wine after this statement. While there is no interest in spending to the cap as early as next season, he mentions that there is a commitment to spend what it takes to be a championship team.

"As we move forward, we're going to spend more money."

"Now we're going to maybe look for better quality free agents or better quality players because that's what we feel (we need). You talk to the players, and they feel that's the direction we should go in." - Pierre Dorion

The GM shared an amusing anecdote about the topics discussed at the Senators' exit meetings. There were three common topics, he said. First, that the coaching, medical and support staff is top notch, as good as any in the league. Two, the post-game food is excellent (never underestimate the urgency of feeding hungry young athletes). Finally, three - the players want experienced help on the club roster.

It will be interesting to see how Dorion navigates all this this summer...
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Pierre Dorion threatens Senators fans and the reactions are numerous!

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