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Phillip Danault's successor would already be with the Habs

Published February 26, 2022 at 10:01

We see it quite well this season, Phillip Danault is sorely missed by the Montreal Canadiens. If he has not really been replaced, it is only a matter of time when his successor would, according to Jean-Charles Lajoie, already be in the organization. This is Laurent Dauphin.

The one nicknamed JiC, during his Thursday evening show, showed how the two players are alike.

The initial comparison is at their selection rank. If Danault was chosen 26th overall at the 2011 auction, Dauphin will have been selected, two years later, in 39th place. JiC goes on to say that the two players had pretty similar stats before joining the Canadiens:

Danault - one goal and four assists in 32 games with Chicago

Dauphin - three goals and an assist in 35 games with Arizona

If Dauphin's game is currently better on offense, he is however being dethroned defensively by Danault, according to the host.

«Dauphin's skating skills and instincts around the net seem to me a bit better than Phillip Danault's. On the other hand, in terms of its effectiveness in the face-off circles, its effectiveness in killing plays and countering the best opposing center players, it is less than Danault. »

«However, the profile is similar. And Dauphin is two years younger. »

Lajoie seems to forget that Danault played his first games with the Canadiens at the age of 23, while Dauphin is currently 26. It took several seasons for the former member of the CH to become the complete player he is now. Let's hope that Dauphin, who is a little behind at this level, will progress quickly enough and that he will, sooner or later, forget the loss of number 24.

Do you agree with JiC?

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