Phillip Danault: a team is eager to make a big offer

Published July 22, 2021 at 5:36 PM

Even if Marc Bergevin still seems to show an interest in his first line center, Phillip Danault, he doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic about a potential return of the number 24. For many, the whole thing was nipped in the bud when the Danault clan turned down the juicy offer from their boss Bergevin.

If Danault ever hits the free agent market, a dozen teams will surely jump on the player in order to get his services. While Eric Staal has indicated that any winning team must have a Phillip Danault among them, some general managers have certainly taken notes.

One team that would be highly attracted to Danault is the Vegas Golden Knights, who can count on Max Pacioretty knowing all the qualities of the center. I remind you that Danault once had the number 67 on his left flank.

Anyway, according to Martin McGuire, Knights GM Kelly McCrimmon would be very impatient about this:

"I know there are teams that are patiently waiting for Phillip Danault to be available on the market. There are teams that are very interested in his services, including the Vegas Golden Knights. There is no urgency on the part of the Habs to try to tie Danault down before sending him out on the market. There would be a gap of about $500,000 per season."

The Knights are so impatient that they have (reportedly) tabled an offer for Phillip Danault's rights... which Marc Bergevin reportedly turned down. Is this a sign that negotiations are going well with the Danault clan? Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is the case.

To be continued...
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