Trevor Timmins confirms there will be action in Montreal this Friday!

Published July 22, 2021 at 1:48 PM

On the eve of the NHL Entry Draft, Trevor Timmins met with the media to set the table for the event.

Timmins has been able to pick up some great talent in recent years through the draft. We are talking about Caufield, Guhle, Romanov, Ylonen, Norlinder and so on. He discussed his plan for this session, which will take place this Friday.

Considering that some OHL prospects haven't played in 16 months, Trevor Timmins' plan has changed a bit for the draft. He will obviously have a lot more work to do than usual.

He also mentioned that the CH was originally supposed to draft in the middle of the pack, but due to Montreal's participation in the Stanley Cup finals, the team will have picks at the end of each round.

Timmins believes that many incredibly talented players will be available when the CH speaks at the end of the first round. Considering the inconvenience of the COVID-19, many evaluations had to be modified.

He also believes that there will be some prospects with interesting backgrounds in Friday's session.

The cherry on top of the press conference was when Timmins said that there will be movement with the CH's draft picks. In other words, Marc Bergevin will make some trades this week!

Get ready, there will be some movement this week! Especially since Marc Bergevin will have a lot of work to do, with all the holes he will have to fill in his roster...

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