Patrick Roy among the favorites for the head coaching position of an unexpected NHL team?

Published June 11, 2022 at 8:39 PM

As we head into the Stanley Cup Final, six NHL teams remain without a head coach: the Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Vegas Golden Knights, Philadelphia Flyers and finally the Winnipeg Jets.

With all these positions available, it's obvious that there will be a lot of interviews going on over the next few weeks, but as reported by my colleague Alexandre Desrosiers of, one site has come up with a rather novel way to find out who the coaches hired by the six teams mentioned earlier will be.

The online casino BetOnline has ranked the coaches most likely to get a job, and let's just say that one prediction in particular has people talking.

According to the site, Patrick Roy would be one of the potential candidates to be behind the Red Wings bench.

Roy as coach of the Red Wings? You have to admit that it would be pretty special when you know the rivalry that existed between the Red Wings and the Avalanche.

On a more serious note, former Red Wings player Sergei Fedorov is the favorite to become the next head coach in Detroit, as he is the head coach of CSKA Moscow in the KHL.

However, despite leading his team to the Gagarin Cup title, Fedorov would not be considered to become the Red Wings head coach according to the DetroitHockeyNow.

As for the other predictions, there is Claude Julien with the Golden Knights, Nate Leaman in Boston, John Tortorella as coach of the Flyers and finally Derek King with the Blackhawks. Note that Canadiens assistant coach Luke Richardson is third in line for the Chicago job, behind King and Jim Montgomery.

Of course, it is unlikely that all these predictions will come true, but it is interesting to note that Patrick Roy's name is still circulating in the rumours throughout the NHL.

You can check out the list of predictions for each team by clicking here.

A big thanks to Michel Laprise of the Curve Ball site for this great catch.

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Patrick Roy among the favorites for the head coaching position of an unexpected NHL team?

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