Analyst proposes to change the name of a trophy to P.K. Subban

Published June 11, 2022 at 5:38 PM

Over the past few seasons, former Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban's performance has declined significantly. He only collected 22 points in 77 games with the New Jersey Devils this season. He will be free as a bird as of July 13.

But short of success on the ice, Subban is still very much involved in the community, as he was recognized by the NHL with the King Clancy Trophy, an honor given to the player who has demonstrated the best example of leadership and contributed the most to society.

Subban's involvement in the community is not new, as we all remember his donations to the Montreal Children's Hospital and also his donations to a health clinic.

RDS journalist Luc Gélinas was on 91.9 Sports and mentioned that he now recognizes the importance of the good deeds done by the defenseman off the ice, even though he was not a fan of the hockey player during his years with the Habs.

"It's impressive how involved Subban is. P.K. Subban, the hockey player, the teammate, I have to be honest, I never liked him. We talked about it many times about how he didn't respect the game plan and his fantasies on the ice, that's fun, but he often put his club in trouble. In any case, in Montreal, no matter how many times he was told, he didn't buy into the team concept. That being said, there is one thing we must recognize, there is no player in the league, and I would even say in the history of the league, who has been as involved as P.K. Subban. His involvement, it's phenomenal!"

The one who has been covering the activities of the Canadiens for almost 30 years even launched a funny suggestion regarding the King-Clancy Trophy.

"Maybe in 10 years, the King-Clancy Trophy should be called the P.K. Subban Trophy."

Well OK, even if it's a goofy suggestion to say the least, Gélinas made a point of demonstrating Subban's incredible contribution to the community, but from there to changing the name of a trophy, there is still a lot of work to do.

And by the way, for those who may be wondering who King Clancy is, he is a former NHL player who played 16 seasons between 1921 and 1937 with the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs. On March 31, 1923, during a Stanley Cup Final game, he was the first player in hockey history to play six different positions in the same game.

For this one, let's just say I owe one to Wikipedia.

To hear Luc Gélinas' appearance on 91.9 Sports, click here.

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Analyst proposes to change the name of a trophy to P.K. Subban

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