Pacioretty makes a surprising statement towards Therrien and the reactions are numerous

Published July 30, 2022 at 9:38

A few days ago, a clip showing Michel Therrien was released and is making the rounds on the web. We see the former CH coach having a rather animated discussion with P.K. Subban.

Since the return of this clip on the web, criticism of the Quebecer is numerous. Many compare him to the current coach of the club, Martin St-Louis, and mention that it's night and day between the two. Basically, they wonder how Therrien could be a coach in the NHL when his manners are old to say the least.

The ex-coach did have success in the league, however, including with the CH during his two stints. His record in Montreal of 271-198-23-50 and 615 points proves it. Not to mention the fact that he took a decimated roster in 2012 and brought it to another level.

In an appearance on The Raw Knuckles Podcast, Therrien's former captain, Max Pacioretty, took the opportunity to make a surprising statement regarding his former coach.

"The coach that kind of developed me, brought me to the NHL and possibly made me the man I am today and the captain I have become, Michel Therrien, was fired that year when we were in first place, or close to it. When people talk about how I had, maybe not pressure, but a certain burden to carry, I want to say that I always had a great relationship with Michel. I still talk to him today. Often when I come to Montreal. He was so good to me. And when things changed, when I became captain, he really reminded me of my father. He was tough on me, but in a good way!" - Max Pacioretty

So you could say that Therrien's ways weren't all that bad... The coach took Pacioretty to another level and Pacioretty really appreciated it.

A few years ago, sports journalist Michel Villeneuve reported a story on 106.9 FM that proved the opposite. According to Villeneuve's sources, Michel Therrien was overheard openly criticizing his team's captain, Max Pacioretty, when he thought he was in private.

There is no doubt that if this were true, Pacioretty would also know about it and the long-standing relationship between the two men would certainly not be what it is today.

See the full podcast here:

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Pacioretty makes a surprising statement towards Therrien and the reactions are numerous

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