P.K. Subban is in great shape for the upcoming season

Published August 25, 2021 at 7:38 PM

The next NHL season is fast approaching. Training camps will open in less than a month and some players have not been idle this summer. For some teams, the summer was longer as they did not participate in the playoffs or their path ended sooner than others.

In the case of the New Jersey Devils, the team did not have the chance to qualify for the spring tournament. As a result, the players had a longer break. The former Tricolore P.K. Subban took advantage of this to train extremely hard this summer. He also took the opportunity to show the fruit of his efforts on social networks.

As you can see, P.K. is in great shape! The 32-year-old athlete shows how hard he worked this past summer.

Subban will be entering his third season with the Devils this year. Last year, he had 19 points in 44 games while posting a -16 rating. With the addition of Dougie Hamilton and Ryan Graves at the blue line, Subban will have to show that he can still compete at the NHL level if he wants to keep his ice time in New Jersey.
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