A jersey company sent a lot of support to Jonathan Drouin

Published August 25, 2021 at 4:55 PM

One of the defining stories of the Montreal Canadiens' 2020-2021 year is probably the one of Jonathan Drouin. The Quebec forward left the Habs after 44 regular season games for personal reasons.

Number 92 likely went through an incredible range of emotions last year. However, according to Marc Bergevin, he will be at the team's training camp next month in great shape.

A company called "514shirts", which concocts Montreal Canadiens jerseys for all occasions, decided to help Jonathan Drouin. This one decided to create a t-shirt in honor of the Tricolore winger, to send him support. On it, you can find writings such as "Yo-Jo-92".

What an incredible idea! Drouin probably went through hell last year. He will need your support this season to get back to his best. He literally deserves a standing ovation at the Bell Centre when he returns to official play. Fans, that's your job 😉
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