One analyst was not kind to Jonathan Drouin...

Published December 5, 2021 at 6:18 PM

During his appearance on Jérémie Rainville's radio show, analyst Benoît Brunet took the opportunity to flay the Habs veterans, but especially Jonathan Drouin.

The CH has an array of injuries in its lineup and Brunet expects much more from the veterans. According to him, Drouin can take the blame in this situation. He even drew a parallel with the salary and performance of number 92.

"I look at his salary, it's boring to say and I hate to talk about money, but at his salary when he is in the lineup with injured players, he must give more than that. I know it's hard where he's been, but I know one thing too, and that's that he's getting paid to play hockey."

Remember that Drouin has only two points (1 goal and 1 assist) in his last five games. In addition, he has maintained a minus-4 differential. These are difficult times for the Quebecer, as well as the entire team.

I can only agree with Brunet on this, but let's be indulgent, Drouin is not a superstar, even if he is overflowing with talent. He needs to give more, that's clear, but let's take into consideration the environment and the quality of the elements at his disposal...


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