Dominique Ducharme's biggest mistakes last night...

Published December 5, 2021 at 2:01 PM

Remember last night, in overtime, Nick Suzuki and Christian Dvorak were used a lot. The number 14 finished his night with 24 minutes of ice time, which is huge for a forward. He even looked exhausted at one point.

Dvorak spent 18 minutes on the ice, for his part.

Ryan Poehling? He didn't touch the ice in overtime and yet Dominique Ducharme could have used his speed.

Poehling seems to be trusted a lot more since his recall, as he plays with a lot of confidence and poise. However, Dom Ducharme is still hesitant to use him in situations where he could be successful. Personally, that really irks me.

Poehling gives his 110% every time he is on the ice every game, and controls the game when he has the puck. I think at least an overtime appearance would have been a nice reward for the young man.

Also, Montreal inherited a five-on-three power play in this game. Where was Cole Caufield? Number 22 could have finally broken the deadlock if Dominique Ducharme had sent him into the fray. It was a golden opportunity. Instead, it was Chris Wideman taking nebulous shots from the point...

I understand that you don't want to rush the kids, but still, in my opinion, the coaching staff should handle these types of situations better.
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