One Team Canada player does everything for the success of others

Published December 28, 2021 at 9:51

During the World Under-20 Championship, it's the perfect time to watch a ton of NHL prospects. Some have been selected and others will be selected shortly, such as Shane Wright, for example.

Often, we tend to observe players with disconcerting offensive abilities, such as Wright or Connor Bedard. But, for my part, players like Elliot Desnoyers automatically charm me.

Warriors like Brendan Gallagher, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard or Artturi Lehkonen. The foot on the floor and the desire to make their teammates shine before themselves. That type of guy inspires me.

Desnoyers, in my opinion, plays a style of hockey that prevents coaches from breaking their heads since we know what he will give to each presence.

«I've always been like that. I'm a disciplined guy in everything. I got used to perfecting every little thing on the ice. Coaches usually appreciate it.

The team comes first. You could give me two minutes of ice by asking me to block a shot with my teeth, I'll do it. I know my mother would not be happy, but I would still do it for the team," said Desnoyers.

Desnoyers is obviously praised by Team Canada coaches, who greatly appreciate his presence with the club.

«He is always at the peak and at the shovel. He does everything for the success of others. His work ethic and commitment are impeccable. He is a fierce and intense warrior," said Louis Robitaille. (Assistant Coach of Canada)

In short, the Flyers' prospect has received a nickname from a team fanatic : the «Destroyer».
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