One analyst has made three very bold predictions for the CH in 2022

Published December 27, 2021 at 8:32 PM

The 2021-22 season may only be 31 games old, but there have already been plenty of twists and turns around the CH this year. Between a poor start to the season, a ton of injuries, and COVID-19 outbreaks all over the league, the last few months have really not been smooth sailing.

The hiring of Jeff Gorton as vice president of hockey operations should also not be overlooked. Gorton will have his work cut out for him in the coming months, which is why analyst Eric Engels has made three extremely bold predictions for the Tricolore in 2022.

Engels' first two predictions are about the trade market. First, the tipster does not believe Brendan Gallagher will be traded before the March 21, 2022 trade deadline.

The reasons for this opinion are simple. According to him, Gallagher's value is much greater to the Habs, for whom he has been an important cog in the wheel for several years, than to other NHL teams, for whom his contract and injury history could be a hindrance.

If he were to be traded, it would probably be on deadline day, when teams are generally more willing to pay the big price. The situation is very different for Tyler Toffoli, who Engels says will no longer be a member of the Canadiens by the time the deadline arrives.

At the age of 29, and with a more than affordable salary of $4.25 million for two more seasons, Toffoli is indeed far more attractive than Gallagher for teams looking to score a goal of about 20 a year, which has already earned top honours.

The wish of the fans granted?

Finally, Engels ends with a prediction that will please the Canadiens' supporters, since he says the Bleu-blanc-rouge will get his hands on the first pick in the July 7 draft.

If this were to happen, the Canadiens would likely have the chance to welcome a potential franchise centre player in the person of young Shane Wright, who is currently playing with the Canadian team at the World Junior Championship.áHe said a few weeks ago that he would love to wear the Canadian's colours one of these days.

All that remains is to hope that these predictions become reality in the coming months!

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