Olivier Primeau launches a debate about Juraj Slafkovsky on social media

Published September 30, 2022 at 9:55

We want to be careful with word choices here, so that you can understand the point.

By general manager Kent Hughes' own admission, the Montreal Canadiens' young first overall pick, Juraj Slafkovsky, may not be having a camp that lives up to expectations so far.

Other youngsters drafted in 2022 by Montreal, like Owen Beck and Filip Mesar, are having a better camp. That doesn't take anything away from Slafkovsky.

The goal in drafting Slafkovsky was never to get your hands on the best 18 year old, but to get your hands on the one who will be the best in 4 or 5 years. And, at times, we have seen the tremendous potential that Slafkovsky has.

You absolutely have to be patient with the kid, and it will pay off, but we have to admit that for now, he makes the decision of his bosses as to whether he should start the season in Laval or Montreal a little more obvious.

On this subject, Olivier Primeau, who is also a fan of the Canadiens, launched a debate on social networks.

"Everyone is going to be "patient" with Slafkovský, but tell me honestly that the 1st overall pick deserves to start the year in Montreal...

I haven't missed anything since the beginning of the year and right now he's not even NHL caliber... Mešár's caliber is much higher." - Olivier Primeau

See the result of his poll, which leans heavily in favor of Laval, as of this writing:

We insist. No one here is saying that Slafkovsky is a "flop" or a disappointment, only that he could benefit from a few games (or weeks) in Laval, in order to develop better, and in order to come back to the NHL being more dominant.
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Olivier Primeau launches a debate about Juraj Slafkovsky on social media

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