Now we know why the upcoming Shea Weber trade could be a pleasant surprise

Published June 13, 2022 at 6:38 PM

Over the weekend, we saw an interesting trade between Dallas and Buffalo as retired goaltender Ben Bishop moved from the Stars to the Sabres.

The Stars paid a 7th round pick to "get rid" of Bishop's contract. This is interesting to know for Kent Hughes and for the Montreal Canadiens management. Especially since, as you know, at the most recent trade deadline, Kent Hughes almost traded Weber's contract to the Coyotes (and he's going to try to come back).

Should we expect a similar deal? I would say yes.

We just learned that Weber is indeed a good value, for some clubs, despite his massive contract worth 7.8 million per season, and valid for another four long years.

Normally, Hughes would have to pay a lot of money to "get rid of him" (a first round pick and possibly more). Like the Maple Leafs did with Patrick Marleau.

But, this is not the case here. Why not?

Weber's contract does count for $7.857 million, per season, on the payroll, but that's not his "real" salary.

In other words, it's perfect for a team like the Coyotes, who want to hit the NHL salary floor and don't want to spend.

Weber is worth $7.857 million per season, in the eyes of the NHL, and he would allow the Coyotes to reach the floor. However, their owner wouldn't have to pay that much for Weber by any means.

For the next four years, Weber will make this (in real salary):

- 3 million
- 1 million
- 1 million
- 1 million

It's easy to see why they want it. This is a great opportunity for them to reach the salary floor without having to pay out of their own pockets.

This will be something to watch, over the next few weeks, but we might be pleasantly surprised by the upcoming deal (Kent Hughes has made no secret of trying to trade him). Weber is worth more than we think.

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Now we know why the upcoming Shea Weber trade could be a pleasant surprise

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