Norman Flynn completely destroys PK Subban with a controversial statement

Published September 22, 2022 at 0:00

P.K. Subban's retirement at the age of 33 has surprised many people on the hockey planet. The former Canadiens star defenseman has received many tributes since his retirement was announced and let's just say that in most cases, both his former teammates and his former coaches have had good words for the former flamboyant defenseman.

On the other hand, as reported by Marco Normandin of, there is one person for whom P.K. Subban's retirement is unlikely to threaten his sleep.

During his appearance on BPM Sports, RDS analyst Norman Flynn was commenting on the news about the former Habs player and when Georges Laraque asked him what his best memory of P.K. Subban's time with the Habs was, his answer was quite controversial.

"When Marc Bergevin traded him, that was the best moment for me. [...] His departure was the best thing that could have happened to the Habs."


Afterwards, he explained his comments by saying that, according to one of his contacts, the time had come for Subban to leave the Habs organization and that the arrival of Shea Weber gave the team a true captain.

He was not soft on Subban.

In six seasons in Montreal, Subban has given Habs fans some great moments. Flynn could have dug into his more positive memories than the trade that occurred on June 29, 2016...

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Norman Flynn completely destroys PK Subban with a controversial statement

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