Norman Flynn believes that Cole Caufield will play on the fourth line...

Published September 13, 2021 at 6:01 PM

In his most recent appearance on 91.9 Sports alongside Georges Laraque, Norman Flynn went into a very unorthodox analysis of the Montreal Canadiens' potential roster. The main topic of his interview was Brendan Gallagher and his role in the upcoming campaign.

Many fear the role Gallagher may have on the team due to the numerous injuries he has suffered over the years. However, Norman Flynn firmly believes that "Gally" still has a place in the top-6, as he is the heart and soul of the team. Plus, Gallagher will be the highest paid forward on the team, so it makes no sense to play him in a secondary role.

"I don't see Gallagher on the third line in a defensive role. I still see him on the second unit."

Flynn also mentioned that Gallagher's salary represents his years of service time, not service that Gallagher will provide. His new $6.5 million deal will take effect this year.

In addition, he said, Cole Caufield will start the season on the fourth line and get time on the first wave of the power play.

"Caufield has a lot to prove. He's going to start lower, but he's going to play on the first wave of the power play, that's his specialty. The CH signed Joel Armia for $3.4 million, so he's not going to play on the fourth line and Anderson is going to play on the first line."

It's hard to believe that Caufield will be playing on a fourth line, when you know what he's capable of bringing. Plus, he complements Nick Suzuki, who is now labeled as the organization's top center. It would be surprising to see Caufield play on the fourth line, but I guess we'll give Norman Flynn the benefit of the doubt...

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