Nicolas Deslauriers spoke about his fight of the year

Published January 28, 2022 at 10:16

Nicolas Deslauriers was a tough guy, and he was sorely missed by supporters of the Montreal Canadiens. He is one of the few heavyweights to still hold his own in the NHL today. Deslo knows how to play hockey but he is also quite a fighter. He understood the recipe for staying in the NHL: physical play, fighting and being excellent in «PK».

This is what a Michael Pezzetta, for example, must continue to do. He must be inspired by a veteran like Nicolas Deslauriers.

Having said that, who does not remember the Deslo fight of the year last week against Kurtis MacDermid of the Colorado Avalanche? A heavyweight fight, where the two men danced like they used to.

Here is this fight in question:

In short, all this hubbub to indicate that the former player of the Montreal Canadiens spoke out about this fight. He said his knuckles were fine, but it was very difficult on the breath. He was totally exhausted after that fight.

Good job, Deslo!
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