Jake Evans sent a very clear message to his coach after the meeting

Published January 28, 2022 at 9:13

The Montreal Canadiens lost 5-4 to the Anaheim Ducks, while the latter, the Habs, began the «fire» game. The first 15 minutes, warriors rose and the chief pilot was very proud of them.

That said, following this meeting, Jake Evans, who has been playing with Rem Pitlick and Josh Anderson for some time, delivered a rather subtle message to his coach. I say «message», but it is rather a satisfaction to evolve with two players who skate.

«I love playing with Rem Pitlick and Josh Anderson. They are fast. Rem makes good plays and he has high hockey intelligence.» - Evans

The trio scored a total of five points against the Ducks, including two goals for Evans, two assists for Pitlick, then an assist, two kills and two blocked shots for Anderson. This combination quickly created a chemistry due to the commitment of the three individuals. COMMITMENT.

That is not the positive thing to build for Kent Hughes, the new Montreal Canadiens general manager.
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