Nick Suzuki's skating speed would breath down the neck of... Connor McDavid!?

Published February 2, 2022 at 10:10

The All-Star Game weekend is an event that gets a lot of attention from hockey fans. However, it's the Skills competition that is overwhelmingly popular with fans.

So the NHL decided to promote one of its events, the fastest skater. Over the years, there have been many outstanding skaters who have participated in the event, including Dylan Larkin, Mathew Barzal and Connor McDavid.

This year, the prolific Cale Makar will likely be participating in the event, which should be exciting.

When you look at the chart the NHL has put together to promote the speed event, it shows the fastest skaters in the NHL in 2021-2022.

Among the top-4, there is an intruder, Nick Suzuki of the Montreal Canadiens. Yes, the same Nick Suzuki who is criticized by many experts for not having a good skating stroke. Yet number 14 is just behind Connor McDavid and Cale Makar, who are known to have an explosive skating stroke.

Check out the top-5 of this intriguing list:

Timo Meier (Sharks): 24.4 mph

Cale Makar (Avalanche): 24.1 mph

Connor McDavid (Oilers): 24.1 mph

Nick Suzuki (Canadiens): 24 mph

Jordan Kyrou (Blues): 23.9 mph

See the full list here:

I am frankly amazed by this list. Obviously, appearances are not to be trusted. Suzuki has an underrated speed, from what we can tell.

Will he be competing in the speed competition at the All-Star weekend? We shouldn't be surprised if he does.
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