Four NHL scouts weigh in on Jeff Petry's market value

Published February 2, 2022 at 9:25

It seems almost inevitable that Jeff Petry will still be a member of the Montreal Canadiens in 2022-23. But sooner or later, number 26 will likely be traded by Ken Hughes.

What will the CH get in return? Of course, there are many factors that can affect a player's value for some GMs.

Four NHL scouts, two in each association, took stock of the Canadiens' defenseman. They wanted to remain anonymous.


First scout:

"In our discussions at home, I will bring a lot of hesitation for Jeff Petry. He plays in a zone of I-don't-care. He wants to get out of Montreal, but he doesn't want to do it the right way.»

«He reminds me of his days just before he left the Edmonton Oilers. There's a reason why Bergevin got it at a good price. He was described as a handsome skater, a defenceman with great potential, but he played very poorly with the Oilers.»

«It's possible to move him, but the Canadiens will also have to go a step further. There are options. You can withhold a portion of the salary, but you can also receive another player who disappoints and earns a big salary.»

"If a GM is in love with Petry, there are scouts around the table who will bring out the images of the Kassian-Montembeault story. That won't help Petry's case. Do you want to go on a playoff run with a player who doesn't defend his teammates? The guard gets picked up and talks to Kassian from the tips of his toes.»

Second scout:

"You never say no immediately to a defenseman like Petry. But you have to gather a lot of information. You ask questions to find out what's going on with him. It's a really tough season, he was a very good defenseman in May, June and July. And he still skates very well. When a guy loses his speed, it becomes a problem. But he doesn't.»

"Today, you can easily say that you don't like his attitude. But if we step back in playoffs, everyone liked his attitude. He had red eyes and he was still playing. If Petry finds a way to get back on track, a team can get him at a good price. It can become a good bet.»

West :

First scout:

"What we see of Petry recently, is not what we would see if he left for another team. He did not become a bad defender overnight. In the past, however, he had benefited from the presence of Shea Weber even though he had already experienced good passages during his injuries. Petry is not a number one at heart.»

"The more money the Canadiens retain, the better the return. Petry at 4 million instead of 6.25 million becomes much more interesting. He's more of a defenseman for a second pair, a guy who moves the puck well."

"The CH has to find two or three teams that need a Petry. Hughes will need to raise his value. Hughes can use Duncan Keith as an example. The Oilers agreed to take his entire contract. And they even gave hope. The Habs will attempt to complete a similar transaction.»

"I remain cautious in his assessment of this season. In my reports, I would not write that it is over. He criticized his coach this year. I feel more that he is lost and unhappy in the system of his coach. You can make a player look bad when the system doesn't fit the high qualities of your player. You can watch Anthony Duclair. With the Florida Panthers, he fits really well. With the Columbus Blue Jackets, we wondered if he understood the game system, he seemed lost.»

"It's not just the $6.25 million, it's the other three seasons after this year that make you think. There is a risk that Petry will be a really declining defender. There are several players who hit the wall in their early thirties. If I am in the GM's headquarters, I have several questions. And Petry is not the bravest of the brave. Before the Kassian and Montembeault incident, we already knew that he didn't like it when things get hot. He doesn't like getting hit.»

Second scout:

"I feel like it's going on between the ears for Petry. He's lost confidence and he's unhappy. But there is still a good defenseman with experience.»

"If Kent Hughes seeks to rebuild, he may receive a pick or prospect in addition to releasing a fairly large contract. It depends on the GM's vision in Montreal. There will be a market for Petry, but the contract is a barrier.»

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