Samuel Montembeault's agent was really outraged by the Zack Kassian incident

Published February 1, 2022 at 9:08 PM

As a follow-up to Zack Kassian's contact with goalkeeper Samuel Montembeault, external reactions were diverse. Of course, internally, it didn't pass the board, so just imagine what people outside the locker room think.

Samuel Montembeault's agent, Paul Corbeil, was on JiC Lajoie to talk about the incident involving his client. He was very unhappy, as were the rest of the Quebec goalie's entourage.

"Like everyone else, I was a little outraged. As Dominique Ducharme said, I would have liked to see the five red in the corner to defend Sam. It didn't happen like that during the game. I've been working with André Dupont for over 20 years. When he saw that, it certainly did not pass. Whether it's me as an agent, Samuel's parents or the supporters, I think everyone is a bit shocked."

He strongly believes that Montembeault will emerge stronger from this incident, but more particularly from his incredible situation with the CH.

"Sam is made strong and he is still very happy to be with the Montreal Canadiens. It is not an easy year, but it is proving beautiful things. The more we use him, the more it truly demonstrates his value. Beyond any doubt, he has a place in the National Hockey League."

He also talked about the hiring of Kent Hughes and Émilie Castonguay, two former colleagues.

"It's good to see Kent Hughes and Emilie Castonguay having NHL positions. I think that when you're in the NHL, around the table, it takes different heads and different types of personalities. Agents, we are a lot in the relationship with the player. Kent Hughes was a very good agent. He's smart and insightful. It's nice to see and it opens the door for other organizations as well."

He also mentioned that he had been flattered by the rumours linking him to a potential candidacy within the Montreal Canadiens staff.

"I took it with a grain of salt. It is certainly a recognition of the community. I have to believe that I am still doing a good job."

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