Nick Suzuki just "broke" everyone about Christian Dvorak

Published September 17, 2021 at 11:57

When Jesperi Kotkaniemi left the Montreal Canadiens for the Carolina Hurricanes, Marc Bergevin immediately turned to Christian Dvorak, a player he had been eyeing for a very long time. Dvorak is unknown to some, but with all the positive things that have been poured on him since he became a member of the Red, White, and Blue, he has taken a more important place in the hearts of the fans. Simply put, we're talking about a near-perfect player.

That being said, Nick Suzuki had the chance to play against D-Vo in the OHL. At that time in 2016, Suzuki was playing his first season in junior and D-Vo was playing his last. All that to say, the Canadiens' number 14 was GREATLY impressed with Christian Dvorak. He even said that he was better than Mitch Marner at the time, no less. Keep in mind though that D-Vo is a year older than Marner...

"He was in his last year (with the Knights) when I was a rookie in the OHL. I was a big fan of his. I thought he was a great player. I even thought he was better than (Mitch) Marner when they played together," said Suzuki.

OKAY! Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying D-Vo is better than Mitch Marner, far from it. Marner is still one of the top ten players in the league, so don't kid yourself. However, all of this indicates that the Montreal Canadiens didn't get a 2nd Phillip Danault, but a first Christian Dvorak, who will quickly become a favorite of the crazy with his intelligence and commitment. Take it from me... once again!
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