Marc-André Fleury's new mask is sublime

Published September 17, 2021 at 9:35

For my taste, the red jersey of the Chicago Blackhawks remains the most beautiful and majestic in the National Hockey League. So, without any surprise, when a goalie puts on this one, with a mask with the Hawks colors, it automatically becomes sublime. I have a proof to support my statement, the new mask of Marc-André Fleury, which is simply splendid!

Here are the words of the artist, Stéphane Bergeron, who painted Flower's mask, about some of the difficulties encountered in designing it: "Three concepts were refused by the team because of racial tensions... Many elements related to the natives cannot be reproduced on the Blackhawks masks, which greatly limits my creativity."

The Hawks' new number one goaltender now seems very happy to be with the Illinois team, as he proudly walked
around with all of his gear for the official photos and videos.

A happy man who may guide the Hawks far in the playoffs, you never know with the ton of character that Marc-André Fleury possesses. He has that gift of bouncing back from any obstacle.
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