Mark Scheifele "trolls" Jake Evans solidly in a commercial

Published September 17, 2021 at 8:49

Mark Scheifele decided to play the role of an actor in a commercial and let's just say the nod to Jake Evans is still VERY obvious. The Winnipeg Jets player teamed up with Manitoba Road Safety to deliver the key message: keep your head up. You get the connection, right?

If the "save the 100" ad campaign refers to the 100 Manitobans who die each year in traffic collisions, Scheifele is undoubtedly thinking of Jake Evans, who didn't have his head up during a collision in the 2021 playoffs. What's that the Jets star can't handle the fact that he was coming like a train on 200 feet? He hasn't digested his four game suspension?

Here's the commercial, which is VERY "trollish" in my eyes:Press the right arrow to view the commercial

"Hey bud, eyes on the road!"


We're jabbering here, but it looks like Scheifele still isn't accepting the suspension he was given... By the way, he still has one game to go, and he won't be in the first game of the season on October 13 against the Anaheim Ducks.
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