Angela Price prays for her Carey

Published September 16, 2021 at 5:57 PM

Who doesn't know Angela Price? Very few people in Montreal don't know Carey Price's wife. Carey's better half is extremely involved in the Montreal community and very active on social media. However, with three children to take care of, her free time is limited.

Last night, Angela had some free time and decided to answer questions from fans via her Instagram account. Among the questions that were asked of her, there was one that greatly caught our attention. She was asked about how she supported her husband following a lost or in the most difficult moments.

Her answer was surprising! Angela admits that she prefers to pray for her Carey. She even adds that she has a prayer in her journal that she frequently recites on these occasions.

Let's hope she doesn't need to pray too much this year! And if she does need to pray frequently in the next season, let's hope her prayers pay off!

Angela also confessed indirectly learning French by doing homework and lessons with her oldest daughter, Liz, who attends a French school in Montreal' area. So maybe she can teach her father French in a few years!
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