Nick Suzuki's comments speaks volumes about the necessity of Dom Ducharme's firing

Published February 14, 2022 at 9:37

The more watch games and press conferences since the dismissal of Dominique Ducharme, the more we learn about what was going on in the Habs locker room during his tenure.

The speeches of different players seem constant, and despite themselves, they can't help but draw parallels between the pre-Martin St-Louis and now.

The most telling example is that of Jeff Petry, who provoked many reactions, because he went too far, but even a player like Nick Suzuki says a lot, without really wanting it.

Yesterday, during the post-game press conference after the loss to the Buffalo Sabres, Canadiens star forward Nick Suzuki said:

«The arrival of St-Louis brings another approach and solutions that give us hope... Before, we had trouble motivating ourselves and recovering from bad bounces or bad goals." - Nick Suzuki

He then adds:

«We try to break old habits. We work harder and we play better. - Nick Suzuki

Asked about the bad old habits in question, the forward did not want to go too deep, but he spoke of better positioning, in particular.

Obviously, Ducharme is not pointed directly here, and obviously, Suzuki has no bad intentions, but that still says a lot. The players talk a lot about the "before", the pre-Martin St-Louis.

The fact remains that Ducharme was an excellent coach, but it seems to prove that the team really needed a change of scenery, and that the change of head coach had become necessary. (to break bad habits and provide solutions)

To view the full press conference:

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