We finally know the current asking price from Kent Hughes in exchange for Jeff Petry

Published February 13, 2022 at 11:13

For the past few months, and it's been even worse the past few days, Montreal Canadiens d-man Jeff Petry has been giving several ammunition to his detractors and to those who hope to see him leave Montreal.

According to François Gagnon, of RDS, he even outright asked to be traded. It's been a hot topic, and with the trade deadline fast approaching, a resolution could very well be imminent.

The next and most important question is therefore: what can we expect to receive in exchange for Petry?

It was very difficult to predict, without inside information, because a few months ago, he was very expensive, but now, according to some, Petry is worth nothing. Observers even suggest that simply getting rid of his contract would be a gain for Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton.

Fortunately, according to several sources, some league GMs still remember the dominant Petry from last season, and would be willing to pay the price to acquire him. On the other hand, time flies and the disastrous season of number 26 takes more and more space.

We now (finally) know what Kent Hughes would ask for in exchange for Jeff Petry

This morning, journalist Kevin Allen from Detroit, Michigan, revealed some very interesting information.

According to his sources, the asking price for Jeff Petry would be known! According to him, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton want to receive, in exchange for Petry:

- A second-round pick


- A good prospect

That would be the current price. What do you think? At that price, do we keep him or trade him?

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