Next CH captain: David Savard and Jean-Charles Lajoie on opposites sides

Published September 1, 2022 at 3:45 PM

The debate over who should be the next CH captain is currently raging. While some would like to see Nick Suzuki get the honor, others think he's not ready and that it should be a veteran who puts on the "C".

On Wednesday's show on BPM Sports, Georges Laraque said that the CH organization has no choice but to name Brendan Gallagher as the club's next captain. However, he said that his personal choice was Nick Suzuki.

This morning, on the same station, we had two completely opposite opinions on the subject. First, there was Jean-Charles Lajoie, who does not see Suzuki as the next captain of the club. According to him, with the salary he will make this season, he will already have a lot of pressure to produce, there is no need to add the pressure of captain.

On the same show, the host interviewed CH defenseman David Savard. Savard seemed very open to seeing his young teammate wear the "C" on his jersey. Suzuki impressed the veteran last year with his off-ice demeanor and behavior. The way number 14 treats the people around him is captain-like.

It will be interesting to see who finally gets the nod. The organization could please its fans and put an end to the debate by announcing its new captain no later than the golf tournament. A file to follow...
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Next CH captain: David Savard and Jean-Charles Lajoie on opposites sides

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