An expert has very good news for CH fans regarding the trade involving Kirby Dach

Published September 1, 2022 at 2:37 PM

In the last NHL draft, Kent Hughes surprised fans by trading young defenseman Alexander Romanov and a 4th round pick (98th overall) before involving the 13th overall pick in a second trade that brought Kirby Dach to Montreal.

Many were disappointed to see the young Russian leave the organization, and are very much hoping not to relive what they experienced with Ryan McDonagh or Mikhail Sergachev, all of whom have developed in other formations. The expert in advanced statistics Shane Kelly does not seem worried about this situation.

Kelly, who is the analytical director of SMT, a company specialized in advanced statistics, mentioned on TSN 690 that Kent Hughes literally made a steal with this transaction. This is very good news for CH fans.

"I really liked this trade for the Habs. With the season he had last year, to get such a good pick for him was a fantastic return. To be honest, in his first NHL season he played very well, but last season it was the complete opposite. He was one of the worst regular defensemen in the entire NHL. I think the team management wondered who the real Alexander Romanov was and came to the conclusion that he was the one we saw last year. That's why we decided to trade him even though he was so beloved by the fans and his teammates." - Shane Kelly

According to the expert, Dach could very well rebound from his wrist surgery, which he believes was the cause of his recent failures. The CH newcomer reminds him, even if he does not play the same position, of Anthony Duclair. Dach is one of the best, statistically, at getting the puck out of the zone and into the opposing zone in possession of the puck. Those are hard to find in the league and it's great to have that type of player in your lineup. While Kelly is aware of his problems with his shot and his inability to finish plays, the CH could take advantage of Dach by putting him in situations where he is the leader and not the scorer.

This will be more difficult for Sean Monahan, however, as Kelly doesn't see him being able to return to full strength after his recent major surgeries. Unlike Dach, Monahan is not good at carrying the puck. He lacks speed and the CH will have to find a way to bring him up to speed because Kelly thinks this transaction is just a monetary one.

As for Michael Matheson, Kelly thinks that the new defenseman will be able to do well if the organization does not ask too much of him. The expert likes the deal a lot, but depending on how the CH's defense is built, he thinks Matheson will face the best opposing players, and that it will be difficult because he performed last year when Letang had a first pairing role and not him.

You can listen to the entire interview below:

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An expert has very good news for CH fans regarding the trade involving Kirby Dach

Who won the trade?

Canadiens (Kirby Dach)25763 %
Islanders (Alex Romanov)10626 %
Blackhawks (13th overall pick)4511 %
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