Next CH GM: Patrick Roy would force Jeff Gorton to do something specific

Published December 1, 2021 at 9:14 PM

Anthony Martineau, journalist at TVA Sports, brought up a colossal point about Patrick Roy on JiC Lajoie's show tonight.

Recall that Patrick Roy mentioned that he would like the Habs to sign him to become the team's next general manager.

According to Martineau, Roy would force Jeff Gorton to be the best version of himself, as he has some shortcomings.

"With all due respect to Jeff Gorton, he didn't invent the telephone or electricity or the printer. He has shortcomings like everyone else. Roy is open to working with Gorton, he would force him to be better. A guy who is comfortable always ends up plateauing, no matter what his field is."

According to Martineau, if the next general manager of the Habs is not Patrick Roy, the elected official will act as a French-speaking spokesperson instead of a GM.

He referred to the fact that Patrick Roy would not be Gorton's puppet, because he has a strong character. They would really work as a team, unlike other potential candidates, who would probably act under Gorton's direction.

This is an excellent point brought up by Martineau. He also mentioned the fact that Roy is a winner and has had the desire to work for the organization for a VERY long time. This is an opportunity in 2021 to fulfill the popular opinion's wish to bring the wonder kid back into the fold.

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