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News about Mattias Norlinder's arrival in Quebec!

Published September 4, 2021 at 12:33

One intriguing player will get a lot of attention at the Montreal Canadiens training camp this fall, Mattias Norlinder. The Swedish defenseman will be putting in his first miles in North American hockey as he looks to make his mark with the Habs.

The Canadiens' third round pick is currently in a tournament that brings together all of Europe's league champions, called the Champions League (CHL). He had a game today against the Zurich Lions of the Swiss top division, which is currently underway. Norlinder picked up a goal and an assist, including this cannonball on the power play. He has four points in four games during the competition.

According to the Canadiens prospects Twitter account, Mattias Norlinder will fly to Montreal after this game. He should arrive in Quebec by tomorrow.

He will have the opportunity to familiarize himself with the city before the start of the Canadiens' rookie training camp on September 15. I firmly believe that he will return to Sweden for one more season to perfect his overall game and dominate offensively. His experience with the Habs could be very rewarding for his personal development. His offensive skills are devastating, he may well get some minutes on the power play in the pre-season games, which should be interesting.

Check out some of his highlights:

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