New striking statement regarding Carey Price and a possible signing of an all-star player through free agents

Published September 27, 2022 at 9:12 PM

As we know, the loss of Carey Price hurt the Habs last season and it should be the case again this season, but at least this time, both the team's fans and the organization are aware that number 31 won't be putting on the pads anytime soon.

If there is one person who knows the Canadiens' goalie very well, it is his former head coach Michel Therrien. As reported by Charles-Alexis Brisebois of, he is convinced that the loss of Price was the trigger for the team's rebuilding. It would have completely changed the plan.

A statement that absolutely makes sense.

Now a contributor to TVA Sports, Therrien actually talked about it in his first column on TVA In his eyes, Price has had such a big impact on the team that he alone could make the difference at the right time, especially during the playoffs in 2021.

However, Therrien mentioned that Price's injury forced the Habs to rebuild and although it didn't guarantee a championship for a long time, it was the right thing to do according to the team's former head coach.

But he also mentioned that he was sure that this rebuild could be short lived because of the team's rich history and that fans pay a lot of money to attend games.


However, Therrien added an interesting point about the possibility of a shortcut through the free agent market. As we know, the New York Rangers were able to speed up the rebuilding process with, among other things, the signing of forward Artemi Panarin.

However, Therrien does not believe that this is the path that Kent Hughes will take to achieve a faster rebuild. See what he had to say, regarding a possible major signing, by the CH through the autonomous players:

"In Montreal, it won't happen. History tells us that the best autonomous players don't come here. That's why it's going to be hard for the Habs to speed up the rebuilding process.

Instead, it will have to be done through transactions. The general manager will have to trade some recent draft picks, among others among the few promising defensemen, for more established players who will immediately improve the Tricolore."

Still, it's fair to say that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton's plan seems to have gotten the popular fervor in the offseason, because despite the fact that few people expect the Habs to make the playoffs this year, there is optimism within the organization.

To read Michel Therrien's full column, click below:

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New striking statement regarding Carey Price and a possible signing of an all-star player through free agents

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