New York reporter Larry Brooks made a controversial post on rules expert Stéphane Auger

Published February 17, 2022 at 10:21

A few weeks ago, TVA Sports' expert Stéphane Auger got a promotion. He became a rules analyst on American television and signed a nice contract with the NHL on TNT network.

We remember that TNT recently obtained part of the rights of the NHL in the United States. Turner Sports has signed a seven-year contract to be one of two NHL broadcast rights holders in the United States, along with ESPN (and both replacing NBC Universal).

Auger's analytical talents are not only questioned in Quebec, but also south of the border. New York journalist, Larry Brooks, recently observed the new addition to the TNT network, and he thinks that the whole thing ridiculous...

«Sorry I missed this until now. But Stephane Auger, dreadful enough as a referee so that he was essentially fired by the NHL, and just let that sink in for a minute, is the «officiating expert» working for TNT? Pure comedy"

If Auger was thinking of running away from bad comments by going to the United States, it seems that it is a miss...
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