Former NHL coach Michel Bergeron destroys the Habs organization!

Published February 17, 2022 at 9:06

Last night, on TVA Sports, expert and former head coach Michel Bergeron was invited to comment on the most recent news concerning the Montreal Canadiens' organization.

It was part of the broadcast of the game between the Panthers and the Hurricanes.

The least we can say is that he doesn't like what is currently happening within the organization, not at all.

«We empty the team and we try to copy the Rangers, but we could just as well find ourselves in the same situation as the Buffalo Sabres. Listen to me carefully... We're talking about the Montreal Canadiens! Me, very young, I looked at Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau, Bernard Geoffrion. Then I coached against them for 10 years and this team had only one goal: WIN, WIN, WIN! Here, we are in 2022 and I hear that we will have to be patient, that it may take several years before seeing the team again to be competitive. I do not understand anything anymore! The Montreal Canadiens are the New York Yankees. You don't have the right to lose!"

He then adds this:

«We are told that prospects and draft picks will get us out of trouble... Look at the last ten years. How many players who were drafted by the Habs in the first round play with the club at the moment? Not a lot! Really not much! It is appalling!"

He's not so excited about the upcoming draft in Montreal:

«I will never get over it, because I am pissed off. There, we will arrive at the draft in June and it will be the big show: "ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, here is the first overall pick drafted by YOUR Canadiens, the worst team in the NHL! And they will be proud and It's going to be photographed with the first pick overall. I can't believe it. It's a loser's attitude! Well yes... let's lose with dignity! That's very beautiful, that. In 32 years of analysis , I have never seen the Habs so low.»

Do you agree with him?

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