Monster trade about to be confirmed by the NHL: bad news for CH fans and for Kent Hughes

Published February 12, 2023 at 10:36

As we mentioned yesterday, and as several very credible sources have confirmed, the NHL is about to announce a monster deal.

Defenseman Jakob Chychrun was removed from the NHL roster last night for "reasons related to an impending trade".

It's very rare that we see this, but it says a lot.

Chychrun's hours are really numbered in Arizona and it will be a major trade.

Remember that in exchange for Chychrun, the Coyotes are asking for the equivalent of three (3) first round picks.

There is news today!

According to reports from Sportsnet's reputable Jeff Marek, Arizona Coyotes young defenseman Jakob Chychrun, left out yesterday, would possibly be traded to the Los Angeles Kings. Wow.

Frank Seravalli added some more on this subject:

He's probably the most well-connected informant right now, so we can trust him. In 36 games this season, the 24-year-old defenseman (Chychrun) has 28 points.

Bad news for Kent Hughes and the CH.

As several sources have been reporting for a few days now, the Los Angeles Kings were among the most aggressive teams trying to acquire Joel Edmundson from the Montreal Canadiens for a big price.

"The Tricolore and Kings have renewed talks for a major trade, this time for defenseman Joel Edmundson." - Montreal Hockey Now

Obviously, by acquiring Chychrun, the Kings would completely abandon the idea of adding Edmundson.

That would be a real shame, because they have several very interesting pieces to trade and because they were allowing Kent Hughes to raise the stakes.

In short, this is information to keep in mind if the whole thing is confirmed.

If Chychrun goes to the Kings, we can forget about trading Edmundson to Los Angeles and it would take away a big player in this derby.

More details to come.

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Monster trade about to be confirmed by the NHL: bad news for CH fans and for Kent Hughes

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